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I Tried Organic Delta-8 Gummies, This Is What Happened

When many people think about marijuana, they imagine stoned campus kids, huddled together as a group, passing the blunt around. And while this is a true picture, there are many more ways of enjoying the herb. One of them includes deriving the active cannabinoids from the plant, and consuming them as a pure extract. 

You’ve most likely seen all the CBD, CBG, and CBN products available in the market, and have probably even tried some of them.

Delta-8 THC is another cannabinoid that’s getting more and more attention.

This article will help you understand what this compound is, and what to expect after eating Organic Delta-8 THC gummies

What’s The Difference Between Delta-8 And Delta-9?

In the same vein, when most people hear about THC, they automatically relate it to the intense psychoactive effects of cannabis. Technically, that specific compound is Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol, and is one of the more abundant cannabinoids in marijuana.

What’s not known to most people is that there exists another form of THC- Delta-8-THC.

You may wonder, why am I hearing about this cannabinoid just now?

Delta-8-THC is not as popular as her sister cannabinoid Delta-9-THC. Here is why:

While Delta-9-THC is abundant in most marijuana strains,  most cannabis strains only contain trace amounts of Delta-8 THC.

What’s more, it is only produced when Delta-9 THC in cannabis flowers oxidizes and degenerates, and may not even be found in the plant itself. This is why it’s classified as a ‘minor cannabinoid’- and why it’s legal in so many places. 

Delta-8 THC is becoming more popular as time goes by, thanks to all its enriching benefits. Most people find it appealing since it lacks most of the overwhelming effects of Delta 9 THC- and most of its negative side effects.

Various companies are therefore cultivating new cannabis strains that contain enough Delta-8 to obtain purified extracts from; they then use these extracts to make, say, Delta-8 THC gummies. 

Is Delta-8 Good For Pain?

The legalization revolution is relatively new; there aren’t enough research and scientific resources on cannabis and its potential health benefits.

For a long time, marijuana was an illegal substance- conducting studies and research on the plant was, by extension, also illegal. However, as more countries all around the world move to legalize and tax weed, this is bound to change. 

Many administrations are now allowing, supporting, and even funding new research expeditions. Pretty soon, we’ll know for sure all the health issues cannabis can help with.

According to this 2018 animal study published in the journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, Delta-8-THC (and CBD) might have helped reduce pain in mice with corneal injury.

The study discovered that by interacting with CB1 receptors, Delta-8-THC might have anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive (pain-blocking) effects. Of course, more human trials are needed to confirm this, but this is a good starting point.

Are Delta-8 THC Gummies Better Than Smoking Weed?

For many cannabis enthusiasts, nothing beats the novelty of smoking weed. And we totally get it. Unwinding over a joint is always something to look forward to, especially if you’ve had a long day.

However, this isn’t everybody’s preference. 

Some people don’t necessarily love the way weed smoke chokes at the back of their throats, or the fact that they have to keep their lip balm handy at all times.

Still, others have lung problems, thus couldn’t smoke their weed even if they wanted to. For such people, Delta-8 THC gummies are the way to go. 

Gummies have a pleasant flavor, and mask almost all the cannabis taste. They don’t require much chewing, thus can be used by adults of all ages. This makes them, hands-down, one of the most discreet and convenient ways of consuming cannabis.

Remember: since they can easily be mistaken for regular candies, you should make sure to keep your Delta-8 gummies safely away from your children’s reach. 

What Is The Difference Between Delta-8 Gummies And Smoking Weed?

The method you use to ingest your THC is very essential, and will greatly dictate your overall experience.

When you smoke weed, you inhale THC and other active cannabinoids right into your lungs; they get into your bloodstream almost immediately. 

Edibles work differently. When you chew on some Delta-8 THC gummies, they move through the digestive tract, and into your stomach, where they are digested and absorbed. The liver then breaks down the active compound (Delta-8), at which point it enters your bloodstream. 

Although this process takes more time, it is one of the best ways to consume Delta-8 THC. The effects tend to last longer, and are stronger than they’d be if you simply smoked the flower.

Also, smoking weed may often leave you feeling groggy and fog-minded, making it hard to stay on-point and productive. Eating Delta-8 gummies will ensure you don’t experience these negative side effects. 

Does this mean eating Delta-8-THC edibles is better than smoking the flower itself? Not exactly. How you consume your THC will come down to personal preference as well as the effects you are trying to achieve.

However, Delta-8-THC gummies may be the best bet if you’re trying to be:

·         Discreet

·         Experience THC’s effects for longer.

·         Want to benefit from THC but don’t want the effects of smoke on your lungs

·         Want a ‘ sweeter’ way to experience the effects of THC.

What Does A Delta-8 High Feel Like?

Many users have reported feeling a ‘different kind of high’ after eating Delta 8 gummies. They kick in any time between 30 minutes and an hour, and will leave you simply feeling calm and relaxed. If you suffer from chronic pain, these gummies may provide some relief. You may also experience a subtle wave of bliss and euphoria. 

Unlike Delta-9 THC, Delta-8 doesn’t cause an erratic, anxiety-filled high. It also doesn’t tamper with your mental clarity, making it ideal for athletes, business-people and other high-performing individuals.

However, it’s important to mention that consuming too much Delta-8 may make you feel drowsy and sleepy. 

How Long Do The Effects Of Delta-8 Gummies Last?

Because these gummies have to be digested by the stomach, and then metabolized by the liver, they may take a while before they kick in. The upside? Their high lasts much longer than that from smoking a blunt. 

When you eat Delta-8 THC gummies, the effects may linger for up to 4 hours. If you take more than you should (say more than 10mg) you may feel them for as long as 24 hours!

You should therefore be very careful when calculating your dose. To make sure you get the most out of the experience, start off with smaller doses, adding up only if necessary. 

How many Delta-8 edibles should I take at once?

Whoa, slow down there, Superman! Our Delta-8 THC gummies are quite potent- eating more than one may be a bad idea. Each one of our gummies contains 20 mg of Delta 8; you should eat one half, that is, 10 mg. 

Truth be told, though, the amount of Delta 8 to take in each dose may vary depending on the individual. Elements such as your tolerance and metabolism rate may also factor in greatly. 

Having a clear intention when eating Delta 8 gummies will help you choose the proper dosage. For example, if you’d like to go outdoors and have an ‘active’ afternoon, a smaller dose- 10mg or less- will give you the kick you need.

On the other hand, if your weekend plan is to lie on the couch listening to old records, there’s no harm in upping the dose a bit.

Take note of what your body can comfortably handle, and make that your sweet spot. 

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What’s your experience taking Delta-8-THC gummies? Share with us in the comment’s section below.